Welcome to a place for YOU

You live a purposeful life

Yet, you wonder if this is truly YOUR purpose. You sure have made a huge impact in your life. Still, maybe you are wondering what is yet to come and how to create it if it was just up to YOU?  

You are powerful & passionate

Whatever you do, you do it 100%, even going the extra mile to be outstanding. You walk your talk. However, have you lately been asking yourself where this leaves your personal desires? 

You are an action taker

Committed and responsible. That is your home. Yet, when it comes to taking care of yourself, you find yourself in unfamiliar terrain and easily switch back to “more important things.”

And you have a track record of great success

You have worked hard and come a long way. However, have you asked yourself how you truly define success, what deeply fulfills you? 

You are in the right place.

Your success

You have achieved many more successes than the average person around you. This has let you in a zone of achievements and admirations. However, this zone might trap you to have too little time for recovery and implementing personal change.

Your drive

Your very drive for success is motivated by deep commitments and values. Not finding these principles in the people surrounding you, may leave you disconnected and frustrated at times, reinforcing your focus on professional growth.

Your barrier

You seek perfection in your actions, leading to more successes, yet higher pressure to keep up with the barrier to “become better.” This is leaving you working harder on the things you know well, instead of the things you are lacking.

Your truth

The more people look up to you, the more you are missing out on sharing your vulnerabilities and deeper desires. High performers have very few people in their world who are willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most. 

This is your time…

You know you it is time to do something for yourself. Yet, it is hard to know where to begin and who you can trust to guide you on this journey.

As a holistic psychotherapist with a clear solution-oriented coaching approach, I work with high achievers, executives, and entrepreneurs like you to expand their sphere of experiences on all levels of life.

Together, we will do the deep work that leads to liberation of your barriers and empowering you to reach yet unknown aspects of your life. 

Together, we rewrite old narratives, dysfunctional patterns installed in your system and release what’s no longer serving you. In this, my role is to hold space and offer the tools for you to:

√  Discover and reinvent your definition of success, being able to slow down without feeling “unproductive”

√  Manage to become more responsive versus reactive to your enviromnet and with that feel more at ease 

√  Encourage you explore yet unfulfilled desires of yourself that have not gotten the attention they deserve 

√  Redefining “becoming better” and shifting to a sustainabale state of joy and calm within you

√  Deepening and strenghtening your personal as well as professional relationship  

Achieve Balance On

All Levels (Not Just Professionally)

“If you plan on being anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”

Abraham Maslow