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This is not about Therapy.

This is not about me.

This is about YOU. 

I work with people who DO NOT NEED coaching, because they are highly successful, BUT…

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Welcome to a place for YOU

You live a purposeful life

You are powerful & passionate

You are an action taker

And you have a track record of great success

Yet, there are bits and pieces that you crave to change…

You are in the right place.

Your success

You have achieved many more successes than the average person around you. This has let you in a zone of achievements and admirations. However, this zone might trap you to have too little time for recovery and implementing personal change.

Your drive

Your very drive for success is motivated by deep commitments and values. Not finding these principles in the people surrounding you, may leave you disconnected and frustrated at times, reinforcing your focus on professional growth.

Your barrier

You seek perfection in your actions, leading to more successes, yet higher pressure to keep up with the barrier to “become better.” This is leaving you working harder on the things you know well, instead of the things you are lacking.

Your truth

The more people look up to you, the more you are missing out on sharing your vulnerabilities and deeper desires. High performers have very few people in their world who are willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most. 

The Typical About Me…

After being put on a waiting list to study Psychology in Germany, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts where I finished my Bachelor´s degree in Entertainment Management, being awarded for academic excellence and outstanding academic achievement.

Returning to Germany I started my career at one of Europe´s leading financial consulting companies. After five years, I rejected the next promotion and followed a childhood dream of moving to Greece and finishing a Master´s degree in Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy at the American College of Greece. 

While studying, I conducted a scientific research study on “online-based psychological counseling,” worked as a counselor, created a blog on mental health, and worked as a business consultant for solopreneurs and young start ups. 

In 2016, I founded my first company, the “Online Coaching Academy,” a business consulting company for coaches, therapists, and consultants. 

Today, I work with high performers seeking harmony on all levels in their lives. I live with my family in the south of Athens, Greece.

The Vulnerable About Me

I struggled the majority of my school years due to ADD and dyslexia. 

At the age of 16, I moved out from my parents´ home with the positive effect on becoming responsible and independent early on. Yet, I was trapped in an unhealthy growth mindset, thriving to prove others that I can do things on my own. 

My peers at school and work always looked up to me. Yet, I often felt like a fraud, because my “real” self was often insecure and doubtful. My greatest trap was the lack of courage to be vulnerable and seek help, resulting in a sense of loneliness. 

My professional and personal experience has helped me reach out to thousands of people on a deeper level, achieving things they woud have never imagined possible.

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Magnificent to be so open, so self-reflected, brave, and at the same time with humor and joy, in peace with yourself and your story, encouraging and therefore a role model, and staying at the same time humble and grateful. I am moved and touched and have learned again a great deal.

Thomas Cordes


You brought me into my female power, beauty, and to deeper self-love. Never have I felt more comfortable in my skin since then. You know how to empower and you radiate beauty, strength, and grace. I love your humor, your attitude towards life, and your consistent way of following your own path.

Sara Brandt


Leticia has the gift to go deep to find what we are really looking for. This left me with the so-called vulnerability hangover. Yet, the energy and motivation resulting from breaking open my thick nutshell was priceless and did not only serve me to become more whole as a person, but also to be a better communicator in all kinds of relationships. Powerful, inspiring, daring, and with an unexpectedly sustainable, transformative effect.

Martin Smith


Leticia is a very heartfelt, intelligent, and constructive person with a pleasant openness. Even meeting her for the first time, all inhibitions broke immediately and I felt zero distance through her direct, yet very gentle and kind approach. To me, absolutely valuable and extremely commendable.

Margaux Gonin


What inspires me most is your unshakeable belief in people and in their potential and power, your ability to inspire the unknown, deeper parts of oneself, and your uncompromising commitment and care towards the people and projects you are working with.

André F. Planting

Sales Trainer

Leticia is an incredibly brave explorer, uniting many colorful facets: she is graceful, down to earth, immensely intelligent, heartfelt, pragmatic, and highly creative. Leticia has a high level of emotional intelligence, has a high level of energy, and displays both strength and gentleness. She is highly empathic, inspiring, in a touching way diffident and at the same time close and extremely appreciative, unharnessing, and joyful.

Christin Bernhardt


Leticia is an expert at drawing out the true power in people, much more than they have ever thought possible. The most important, in the sphere of where people usually feel uncomfortable that they awaken a whole new level of awareness and confidence, not only professionally, but also personally.

Patrick Preston

Law Professor & Attorney

The differentiation between structures that are harmful and useful to me was unexpectantly fruitful for me. I was able to immediately implement newly gained perspectives and insights into my  personal, as well as professional life. Having you as my coach and role model is beautiful.

Clarina Barell

Clinical Psychologist

1) You remind me that all is possible

2) That I am always safe, supported, and taken care of

3) How we can create change at speed when we become interested students of life

4) I feel you genuinely care for me

5) You inspire me to want to become a better version of myself

Marou Jems


Achieve Balance On

All Levels (Not Just Professionally)

“If you plan on being anything less than what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”

Abraham Maslow